Video: English city Leicester lockdown again


The English city of Leicester is going into a two-week corona lockdown from Tuesday. The city has recorded about 10 percent of the country’s corona cases in the past week and the number of new infections is also high, UK health minister Matt Hancock said on Monday. Businesses that are not relevant to the system are said to be closed; the corona measures for schools and pubs are not being eased for the time being. Travel to and from the city are restricted. Citizens do not want to be put down: “Back in the lockdown is certainly good to fight the virus. But many companies will suffer, for sure. I work in a betting office, we have just opened again, wanted to receive our customers and now it’s going to lockdown again. It’s going to hurt. But I think a lot of the shops here have good customers who will come back. The authorities have announced that the new restrictions will also be enforced by the police if necessary.


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