VIDEO Driver crosses truck and stops traffic to fight man

Leon, Guanajuato.- Leonese expressed their annoyance after they had to wait in traffic caused by a public transport driver and a private company worker.

In a video published by a citizen, it can be seen how a man dressed in the blue shirt of the uniform of public transport operators and another man, who was identified as a worker of Megacable, they fought with blows at the intersection of an avenue in León, Guanajuatowhile there were cars behind the parked truck waiting to be able to transit.

They fight in the middle of the street without caring about the traffic

Although the causes of the fight are still unknown, in the video that lasts 1 minute and 15 seconds it is seen how, on the side of the Optibus the alleged employee of a telecommunications company remained in a fighting position in front of the driver.

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Meanwhile, the person who recorded fueled the fight by shouting in favor of one of those involved.

“Camera, camera, carnal! To the shot ”, she shouted.

Likewise, a person can be seen inside the parked truck that had the front door open and invaded the next lane.

Little by little, those involved in the fight began to walk in the opposite direction of the intersection, throwing punches and kicks.

“Here comes the patrol. I already spoke to him”: it is heard saying in the background, apparently by one of the affected motorists.

Until this Sunday morning, neither public transport authorities nor private companies have ruled on the video.

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