Video. Criminals were watching ministerial cameras when they detonated an explosive in Irapuato

A video, published by the columnist of this publishing house, Hector de Mauleonshows the time of burst last Thursday in Irapuato; a ministerial police officer and an expert witness were injured.

“They reported the discovery of a dismembered body in Irapuato. When ministerial agents showed up, criminals who were watching them through cameras detonated an explosive and circulated the images,” the columnist wrote.

A citizen call to the Municipal Police led the officers to the house of the Emiliano Zapata Dos Communal neighborhood where a bomb exploded on Thursday afternoon and a ministerial police officer and an expert witness were injured.

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The municipal officials entered the house before the detonation, without noticing the existence of the explosive device, but they did observe black plastic bags with a dismembered body.

The Secretary of Citizen Security of Irapuato, Luis Ricardo Benavides Hernández, described that at 6:30 p.m. a 911 call was received at the corporation indicating that firearm detonations and people screaming on José Zapata street, so the police went to the scene and verified that the report was false.

When they were in the area, they observed a house with the door open, so they entered, saw the existence of bags (with human remains) and proceeded to notify the State Attorney General’s Office to carry out the investigations.

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Benavides Hernández explained that, without touching anything, the police officers as first responders proceed to cordon off the area and focus on it, then elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and experts from the State Attorney General’s Office arrive.

Bomb explodes during a ministerial intervention in a house in Guanajuato

An investigating agent was at the access door of the building and an expert near her, when the explosion occurred.

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