Video cards stolen from internet cafes in China | news

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou, attackers seized six video cards worth $ 7.8 thousand (₽570 thousand) from the lounge area of ​​an Internet cafe. This was reported by the Hardware Times portal, citing local media outlets.

It is noted that all other parts of the PC, from which the graphics cards were removed, remained intact. It is not specified which GPU models were stolen. Finding the criminals will not be an easy task, since they were wearing masks and they entered Internet cafes with fake IDs.

At the end of 2020, unknown persons stole about 220 NVIDIA RTX 3090 video cards, which were stored at the MSI plant in China. The amount of damage amounted to $ 340 thousand. The management of the company announced a reward of $ 15 thousand for information about the location of the stolen property and promised not to press charges against criminals who will help return the video cards.

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