VIDEO. A “third eye” to prevent smartphone addicts from getting caught in a sign

Are you addicted to your smartphone and your eyes never leave its screen, even when you are walking down the street? This “third eye” robot could save you the worst. Paeng Min-Wook, a young 28-year-old designer, has just developed a “third eye” robot to improve the daily journeys of smombies, these smartphone zombies addicted to their device. It is designed to prevent people absorbed by their phone from injuring themselves, by rushing into a panel for example.

This electronic “eye” attaches to the middle of the forehead. When the user lowers their neck, the device detects it and the eye opens mechanically. The latter is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor which “detects obstacles and warns the user with a beep”, explains its inventor.

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Obviously, this accessory that gives you the look of a cyclops attracts attention. “He looked like an alien,” chuckles a lady after seeing Paeng wander with his camera through the streets of Seoul. But I realized he was looking at his smartphone, she continues. Nowadays, many young people can have accidents while using their smartphone. This invention could be good for them. “

But more than a real solution, this third eye is above all, for the young Korean, a way of denouncing the consequences of addiction to the smartphone.

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