The candidate for deputy for Together for Change In Buenos Aires city Maria Eugenia Vidal labeled as “spawn of vice president” Cristina Kirchner. He also opined that there are two management economic ideas in the government and that by not agreeing they harm the course of Argentina because they remain inactive.

True to style, Luis Novaresio he asked What would Vidal say to Cristina Kirchner if at the exit of the canal it was found. “Support the president you elected, that you chose. Take charge, you have two years left. 40% poverty, 11 unemployment, 115 thousand SMEs that closed,” said Vidal, who mentioned the old unemployment figure and not the updated figure that dropped to one digit.

“I think there is no doubt that the one who governs today is Cristina, I said it from the first day, but today it is more evident,” said Vidal, who also added that the government does not agree on an economic model and the dispute leads him to the inaction.

“Cristina is a monstrosity of vice president that he is president and the president who does not preside, “said the former Buenos Aires governor who presented herself as a candidate in the Federal Capital.

Regarding Alberto Fernández, Vidal defined him as “a formal president who has also lost the greatest value that is the word.”

Elections 2021: Vidal hugs López Murphy to contain the advance of Milei

With the start of the second electoral campaign, now facing those who define the seats that each space will obtain, Vidal’s team in the city of Buenos Aires designed a strategy that aims not only to retain the votes obtained by the three lists that they competed in the PASO, but to widen the difference over the rest from competing for the electorate to Javier Milei.

The gaze is on the “soft vote” that the liberal economist chose, for which Ricardo López Murphy’s contribution will be key, in encouraging the participation in the general elections of those who did not vote in September and in strengthening the campaign of oversight.

“Work Milei’s vote.” This is how they define the strategy they designed for November 14 at the small table of the former Buenos Aires governor. That work, they explain, will consist in the first place of appealing to the “useful vote”. In the macrismo they consider that they are “the only force with the possibility of putting a brake on the Front of All” and they exemplify this in what happened in the frustrated session in Deputies when they were going to debate projects that expanded the rights of consumers, workers and people in street situation.

There, Juntos por el Cambio excused itself in a series of demands to hide its true objective: to remove the management of Congress and block the management of Fernández.

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