We’re not going to lie to each other, this Nets-Spurs was all about the boyfriend you give up in the evening. Too ugly to pick up on it, too drunk, not funny jokes and bad breath, the total. Then two hours later the mea culpa, because we were finally not (too) bored from 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Like what the dress does not make the monk, like what the shoemakers are often the least well shod. Monk, shoes, Chaussé au monk, nothing to add.

We all know, this weird summer does not promise to be the most victorious for the Nets and Spurs. Never mind, we still have to play the game, with the forces present, if we can still call that forces. And this game Nets and Spurs played it very well last night, offering us 48 minutes of champagne basketball (discount), and even offering us a semblance of money time, youhou it’s giga-teuf. The big disappointment of the evening? Still no Jamal Crawford on the horizon, to believe the Nets hired him only to deteriorate the morale of young people in training. No Jamal then but a Caris LeVert very quickly in the right mood, he who had a little shit his first match the day before yesterday against the Pels. Sevran’s ratepi will end his meeting with a small 27/2/3/3 which is reminiscent of the carnage he had made during the last official meeting between the two franchises on March 4, and which will have found this evening a strange traveling companion in the person of Rodions Kurucs. Add to that a Jarrett Allen always so useful under the circle and the Harris / Temple duo to put the strings that count and that gives a team of the Nets uninhibited, which does not have much to gain in Orlando but which does not have much to lose either.

For Spurs, good news Gregg Popovich is still on his feet, and good news little Lonnie Walker continues to improve when he plays. Good performance also from a boiling Derrick White before the break, while Marco Belinelli will probably wait until his 50s before taking an uncontested shot with real support. Some bombinettes for Bryn Forbes, some mornifles distributed by Drew Eubanks and the Spurs remain in the match, before breaking down at the end despite a five Belinelli / Forbes / Samanic / Metu / Eubanks worthy of the best Texan years. When it doesn’t want to win it doesn’t win, what a pity.

We expected to suffer but in the end it was almost pleasant. It just goes to show that playing without pressure doesn’t hurt and that’s still good news because it will be the case for the next nine games of these two great teams full of ambitions. Pfiou, strongly Monday.

Spurs Nets Stats July 26, 2020