Victoria Ruffo is not measured; she publishes a tremendous photo with her husband and children

The actor Mane de la Parra also appears in the emotional image

By: Valeria ContrerasN.

MAY. 30. 2022


Victoria Ruffo showed her beautiful family in a peculiar photo

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Victoria Ruffo is preparing his return to soap operas with the second part of Corona de Lágrimas; but now it is not her career that has attracted attention, but the moving photograph that she shared on social networks, where as rarely posed next to her husband Omar Fayad and their three children.

The so-called “Queen of soap operas” shared a photo this weekend on her official Instagram account, in which she showed the great weekend, as they began to celebrate her 60th birthday.

“Celebrating I walk”, specified the television star as a description of the snapshot, in which he also placed all kinds of emojis in the form of a gift, cake, heart, applause, balloons and dancing.

Victoria Ruffo attracted hundreds of glances for the photograph, as she appears with her entire family together, her eldest son José Eduardo Derbez, the twins Anuar and Vicky and her husbandthe politician Omar Fayad.

In a matter of hours, both celebrities and fans of the actress reacted to the publication, pointing out that they all looked very happy and above all applauding the great family they have with the governor of Hidalgo.

One of the celebrities who reacted first was Mane de la Parra, who thanks to the soap opera “Corona de Lágrimas” considers the actress as a mother, to whom she dedicated an emotional message.

“The celebration has already begun, mamita. The real Cuquiton ”, specified the soap opera heartthrob along with several emojis, receiving thousands of ‘Like’ for his words to Victoria Ruffo.



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