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The Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, continues in intensive care and under close medical surveillance more than two months after his admission to the Century 2000 hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, after suffering a fall at his ranch “Los 3 Potrillos”.

During this time has captured the attention of his followers, friends and family, who are aware of his health and raise prayers for his speedy recovery.

At the beginning of September and with his father in a delicate state of health, his son Alejandro Fernández gave a concert in Mexico City for which he received some criticism, to which he responded by commenting that the work was one of the greatest teachings he had given him. instilled his father.

“Commitments are commitments and you have to move on”, expressed the interpreter of songs such as “Caballero”, “Sin tantita pena” or “As who loses a star.”

“El Potrillo” had to undertake a long tour that he had previously booked.

From that concert held at the Four Seasons hotel in CDMX, A famous video was circulated again in which Alejandro Fernández and Vicente Fernández perform the song “Volver, Volver” as a duet.

In the clip posted on social networks, “El Charro de Huentitán” interrupts the performance of the song to express his wish that, when he dies and while they are burying him, they sing this famous song to him from the inspiration of Fernando Z. Maldonado.

“This song for me is very special. I think the day they bury me, everyone will sing it, on television or wherever they are ”, The famous singer pointed out in the video that already has more than a million visits on the YouTube platform.


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