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Vicente Fernandez, Don Chente, gave a lot to talk about, after the magazine TV Notes assured that the singer was brain dead and that the doctors had not been able to do anything for him. Therefore, your child Vicente Fernández Jr exploded against the publication and denied what was revealed. Nevertheless, On social networks, fans reacted with multiple positive comments and even memes.

And it is that from the first hours of this day, the magazine TV Notes announced that Vicente Fernández had supposedly been declared brain dead.

it reads on the cover of the magazine “There is no hope anymore. Sadly Don Vicente Fernández you have ulcers all over your body, your lungs are about to collapse, and you are already brain dead”, TVNotas.

Vicente Fernández Jr. explodes against TV NOTAS

For this reason, Vicente Fernández Jr. exploded against the entertainment magazine. He asked not to profit from his father after having been hospitalized for just over two months. He asked reporter Laura Palmer – who wrote the note – to verify what was revealed.

“They will have to prove the veracity of their report,” said Vicente Fernández Jr.

In this sense, he attacked the publication of shows, classifying it as disgusting.

“Good evening! It is very sad to see how news is invented, totally invented with the profit motive of my father’s public. The pseudojournalist who signed @laurapalmersirenita and the magazine @revistatvnotas will have to prove the veracity of her report. IT IS DISGUSTING THAT THE PUBLIC IS FOOLED IN SUCH A WAY. And I hold it together with my whole family, ”he wrote.

Networks react with memes to fake news about the death of Vicente Fernández

Despite the fact that Don Chente’s son denied the news, on social networks they did not take long to react with multiple comments and even memes. Some of them, you could read the disagreement towards the publication, as well as some positive comments towards the Charro de Huentitán.

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