VG Gálvez: butcher received brutal aggression when he wanted to defend his wife and little daughter from a robbery

a butcher of Villa Governor Galvez suffered this Wednesday morning a violent robbery in his shop. The incident culminated in gunshots and a brutal assault when the merchant he struggled with the criminals when he saw that they entered his house and tied his wife who slept with their little daughter, a year and a half.

The assault occurred in the street Opposite to 2300. Rodrigo, the butcher, was wounded by a bullet because the criminals fired when he wanted to stop them. As he commented on the program Telenoche Rosario (The Three) were four criminals who approached him around 9 in the morning him and his cousin who was in the local.

“They targeted me and my cousin but we do not resist at any time. I gave them the money and we struggled at the door but when they broke into my house i didn’t know what to doRodrigo recalls.

At that moment, he pounced on the robbers and received blows and the shooting began. the man finished injured in the leg, abdomen and arms.

According to the victim’s own account, the criminals they entered the house and tied up his wife but they did not harm the little daughter of a year and a half despite the moment of fear that the whole family went through.

The criminals they stole money from the collection and escaped through the neighborhood. It all happened half a block from a high school and close to another technical school. The students of the institutions said that they heard shots and threw themselves on the floor as a precaution.

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