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Analysis of the Istanbul race!

In Istanbul it is already after 9:00 p.m. and here in the ticker it was that for today. Tomorrow, of course, we will be there for you again as usual from the morning to deal with the remaining topics of this race. At the end of today’s day, there is a reference to our large analysis video for the Turkey GP. Stefan Ehlen and Kevin Scheuren talked about the following topics today:

– Sebastian Vettel: Who made the tire decision?
– Fernando Alonso: Unlucky and culprit
– Mick Schumacher: Still before Masepin …
– Max Verstappen leads again in the World Cup, but …
– Perez shines against Hamilton & Leclerc
– Botta’s first win of the season
– Lewis Hamilton: won P5 or lost P3?
– Why can you drive through in the wet without stopping?
– And what’s next in the title fight?

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Fresh pictures!

As always, we replenished our photo gallery towards the end of the day. Among other things, there are great snapshots of numerous duels on the track, pictures from the podium and much more. Just click your way through!

Photos: F1: Turkish Grand Prix (Istanbul) 2021

7:27 pm

Second longest dry spell for Bottas

The Finn had his last victory in Russia in 2020. That was exactly one year and 13 days ago today. Bottas has had a longer dry spell only once since his first Formula 1 victory in 2017. Between the 2017 season finale in Abu Dhabi and the start of 2019 in Melbourne, he waited a year, three months and 19 days for a win.

Thanks to today’s success, 2018 will be the only Mercedes season of his career in which he was unable to win at least one race.

7:16 pm

Perez: Important podium for me

We mentioned it briefly earlier: For the first time in more than three months, Perez was back on the podium today. “This podium is very special for me,” he takes a deep breath and explains: “We should have been on the podium in the past two or three races. But we were so unlucky.” That finally changed today.

We’ll wait and see whether the tide will change for the better for him for the rest of the season.

7:05 pm

Mick Schumacher “very, very happy”

After the early incident with Alonso, the race did not go according to plan, of course. But overall, the German is “very, very happy” and explains: “We can take a lot of positive things from here and hopefully use them for the rest of the season.” Until the race, it was even his best Formula 1 weekend so far. Basically, the early lathe operator didn’t change that much.

Because more than the penultimate place would not have been possible today, according to Schumacher, even without the incident.

6:52 pm

Sainz: What was going on at the pit stop?

The Spaniard had a slow pit stop. Mattia Binotto explains that the stop actually worked “normally”. “The signal to the traffic light, which now has to be given manually as soon as the stop is finished, never reached the system. So it got stuck somewhere between the manual signal and the system,” said the team boss. You have to analyze that now.

Despite the problem, Sainz finished eighth in the end and was able to look forward to a strong comeback.

6:44 pm

The unlucky Alfa Romeo …

P11 is probably the most ungrateful place in modern Formula 1, because it only just barely misses the points. This has happened to Alfa Romeo for the fifth time this year. This makes the team top of the range in this regard. Today it was twice as bitter with P11 and P12. Team boss Frederic Vasseur admits that it was “frustrating”.

“In the end we were among the fastest cars on the track and were able to overtake Ricciardo. But we were missing a lap to overtake Ocon and overtake him,” he confirms what the Frenchman himself said. “We were close to scoring points in the second race in a row. But we take that as encouragement ahead of Austin,” said Vasseur.

6:35 pm

Hamilton: Would have liked to have taken a risk

The Briton has just emphasized once again in his media round that he would have liked to go through without a stop. “I don’t know if I would have held the position if I had stayed outside. But I would have liked to take that risk,” he said. At the same time, the world champion also makes it clear that P5 is okay.

Under the given conditions, the weekend did not go so badly. “We have a new engine and we scored,” he remembers. The loss in the World Cup was limited, because Verstappen only collected eight points more today. So it could have been a lot worse.

6:26 pm

Ricciardo: Only four laps were good

In a race over a total of 58 laps, that’s not much … The Australian, who was the first driver to pit, reports: “We had maybe four laps in the entire race in which our pace was good. The rest was difficult After his pit stop he has “maybe four good laps [gehabt]in which I could really push the tire. “

“I thought it might get better and better. But it only lasted four laps and then the rear tires began to wear off again. The last ten laps were then a bit painful,” said Ricciardo, who in the end fell back to P13 on old tires . “Unfortunately it wasn’t a good race. We’ll analyze that,” said Ricciardo.

6:18 pm

The duel between Hamilton and Perez …

… is here again in the video. Helmut Marko says about ‘Sky’: “[Hamilton] pushing him, wanted to send him into the pit lane. But he fully resisted, defended well. And I think that was the decisive factor in making him finish third in the end. “

6:11 pm

Russell: That was all there was to it

P15 only for him today, having previously scored points in four of the past five races. According to him, more would not have been possible with a better qualifying yesterday. “Overall, the pace was simply not there. We already had problems in these conditions last year. It’s not wet, not dry and you’re a bit in no man’s land,” he explains.

Overall, it was a “difficult afternoon”. Team-mate Latifi finished 17th even further behind. Only the two Haas drivers and Vettel, who had gambled away with the tire choice, were even slower than the Canadian.

6:03 pm

Ocon: two more curves and …

We have just seen that the Frenchman’s tires were completely exhausted. He confirms that himself. “One more lap and I would have had a puncture,” he believes, adding: “Two more corners and Giovinazzi would have overtaken me. It was a risky maneuver – but it was worth it.” The last lap was “very difficult”.

Overall, it was not a good weekend for him. The happier he is about a point as a “reward”.

5:56 p.m.

Red Bull wonders about the Mercedes engine

It’s no secret that Red Bull is surprised that the Mercedes engine has apparently become much more powerful in the last few weeks. Now the topic is boiling up again. “We have to come up with something,” says Helmut Marko at ‘ServusTV’ and explains: “Mercedes is so fast on the straights, they were 15 km / h faster here.”

“That’s actually when you use DRS”, Marko wonders and adds: “So since Silverstone [haben sie etwas gefunden], and that increases more and more this engine superiority. I don’t know, we just have to optimize our chassis even more so that we can at least partially compensate for that. “However, there was no official protest.

“We didn’t protest,” emphasizes Christian Horner at ‘Sky’ and explains: “It’s up to the FIA ​​to look at these things.”

5:49 pm

Again no points for Tsunoda

The team-mate was less lucky – once again. Tsunoda was in the spots as he spun. In the end, it was the fifth race in a row without points for him in P14. “It’s a real shame today because I think I could have been in a position to finish in the top 10,” he annoys himself and confesses: “I used the tires too quickly.”

After he had to defend himself hard against Hamilton, he ran out of pace – and then just turned. “That ruined my entire race,” he explains, adding that he learned a lot in difficult conditions. “But I’m disappointed because I really hoped to help the team in the championship,” said the Japanese.

5:42 pm

Gasly over turn 1: “I was trapped”

Incidentally, the Frenchman himself reports: “The incident at Turn 1 was unfortunate. I was trapped between Sergio [Perez] and Fernando. We touched lightly, but that was enough to force Fernando to spin. I would therefore like to apologize to him. But after that the pace was really good. I’m happy with the car’s performance this weekend. “

P6 is a decent result for him after the last two races without points. There is also praise for this from Franz Tost. Gasly did a “fantastic job” today, said the team boss.

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