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In April of this year, AVTOVAZ began to install the advanced EnjoY Pro media system on the Lada. Now it is in the rich versions of Grants, Vesta and Ixreus, and in different versions. But now there is also a simplified multimedia EnjoY, which has so far been offered only for Vesta.

While the EnjoY Pro system for the Lada Vesta and XRAY models has an eight-inch capacitive display with an IPS-matrix and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, the junior multimedia EnjoY has a seven-inch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels (the same for Grants). But there are other differences as well. Removed Wi-Fi module, GPS / GLONASS receiver (no built-in navigation), one of the two USB ports, and an LTE modem. Plus, there are no built-in Yandex applications.

At the same time, the Android Auto and Apple Car.Play interfaces, rear view camera, Bluetooth, built-in dual microphone, voice control (Siri и Google Assistant) and Arkamys surround sound technology with six speakers. Supported audio formats mp3, wav, aac and flac, as well as watching videos. A simplified media system is installed on all varieties of Vesta (except for Vesta Sport), starting with the Comfort package with the Winter EnjoY package. Such a sedan will cost 897,900 rubles, while the version with the EnjoY Pro media system costs at least 916,900 rubles.

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