Very rare photos of Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez and his fiancée Jihan Al-Alayli (the most beautiful women on earth), who died before their marriage…Watch

There is no doubt that most of us watched the Nightingale series, Abdel Halim Hafez, which was presented by the young artist Shadi Shamil with a bouquet of senior stars, or watched the Halim movie, starring the great artist Ahmed Zaki.

And in the two artworks, you will know that the Brown Nightingale had a girlfriend called Jihan Al-Alayli, or as JJ calls her, and he loved her very much, and she also exchanged this love with him.

Abdel Halim Hafez offered GJ the marriage, and she agreed, and the engagement took place, and the two lovers began preparing the marital nest together.

This picture was published by several pages on various social media, and it was written on it by Al-Andaleb Al-Asmar with his girlfriend Jihan Al-Alayli. It is clear from the picture that Jihan was a beautiful woman with attractive features.

It is worth noting that the artist Hedy Karam was the one who presented the role of JJ in the series “Nightingale”, while in the film Halim, the role was presented by the artist Solaf Fawakherji, and the two presented the work as wonderful as possible.


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