Very effective trick but unknown to many in order not to waste money and save a lot of euros at the supermarket or shopping center

The sharp rise in prices encourages many families to save. The higher costs of bills and gasoline, but also of food, push to cut the purchase of products that are not strictly necessary. There is a very simple method that could help cut unnecessary expenses and save hundreds of euros a year. This method can be used in the supermarket, while shopping in malls, but also on the web.

There are two ways to save on spending, avoid buying an asset, or take advantage of price reductions, such as discounts. Large-scale retail outlets apply different types of discounts. There are those scheduled and advertised on flyers, but there are also those of the last moment. For example, it is not uncommon to find shelves where expiring products or inventories are on offer. In this case you can save up to 75%.
Another type of discount is related to the hour. There are particular moments of the day in which it is possible to purchase products with a discount that can even reach 50%.

Very effective trick but unknown to many in order not to waste money and save a lot of euros at the supermarket or shopping center

Instead, to save by cutting the expense of unnecessary products, just follow the 10-second rule. Before discovering how it works, we need to make a very good premise. When we go to the supermarket to do the shopping, we are often in a hurry. The fury leads us to quickly pass through the corridors and take the first product at hand on the shelf. We throw it in the cart and proceed almost without stopping, in a mixture of anxiety from lack of time and compulsive shopping.

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This haste could cost us very dearly, because sometimes we buy products that are perhaps superfluous, or in excessive quantities to the real need. Or why sometimes we buy a product of a very expensive brand when we could get an alternative of the same quality but at a lower price.

To avoid this waste of money every time we pick up an object from the shelf to put it in the cart, let’s stop for 10 seconds. We ask ourselves each time why we are buying this product and if we really need it. We always ask ourselves if we need that quantity or if we can buy less. Let us also ask ourselves if that brand is the most convenient or if we can spend a lower price for the same quality.

This very effective but unknown trick can also be adopted when shopping online. There is nothing more rewarding than clicking and knowing that in a couple of days you will receive that item. Unfortunately, the absence of the use of physical currency in e-commerce transactions aggravates compulsive shopping. In fact, the digital transaction deludes the mind that it is not spending itself. Every time we buy something on the web we ask ourselves if we really need that object.


Very few know the trick behind some 1 euro offers on supermarket products that only apparently seem exceptional

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