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La Albirroja faces Brazil on Tuesday, in a key match to avoid detaching from the qualifying zone. Paraguay took the first step, by adding in Montevideo against Uruguay, but to enforce that tie, they must hit the ball against Canarinha or last, not lose.

Eduaro Berizzo will have to define between this Sunday and Monday the eleven that will battle the perfect selection of the Qualifiers, Brazil. A priori there is talk of at least two changes, with respect to the team that has equalized without goals against Uruguay,

One of the possible variants is the entry of Juan Escobar as a right back, replacing Robert Rojas, who had a great game against Uruguay as well as the entire defense.

The rest of the defenders would remain, since they had an enormous performance in Montevideo, especially Omar Alderete and a step down, Fabián Balbuena.

In the midfield, the one who would give up his place is Gastón Giménez, due to fatigue and also because he received a strong blow to the waist. The question is whether the replacement is Richard Sánchez or Robert Piris da Motta, but the “Puppy” has an advantage, since he knows more about Berizzo’s idea.

In offense, a priori there would be no variants, although it is not ruled out that a “9” could enter for Óscar Romero and that Ángel would run more to the right. Nor is it unreasonable to think of another more poignant extreme, such as Antonio Bareiro or Braian Samudio.


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Paraguayans abroad

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5 Jun 18:50

In Argentina they assume that another Paraguayan will join San Lorenzo, rather it will be a return, since he is considered one of the greatest idols of Boedo’s club: Néstor Ortigoza.

The 36-year-old midfielder had been stating for some time that his great dream was to retire in San Lorenzo as a professional footballer and that wish will finally be fulfilled. According to Argentine media, the former Paraguayan national team player, World Cup in South Africa 2010, has already agreed everything with the board and will sign at least until the end of the year in the coming days.

Néstor Ortigoza had been playing lately for Estudiantes Río Cuarto, a team that plays in the Second Division of Argentina. With him as team leader, the club almost rose to First, but fell on penalties to Platense.

All that remains is for him to officially terminate his contract and sign for San Lorenzo to be made official as a “crow” player. “Orti” already shared at the time with the Romero twins in the Paraguayan team and now he will do it again, but in a club.


The realization of the Copa América in Brazil became a problem for Conmebol, which although it agreed with the Brazilian government, a couple of teams rebelled, including the emergency host, Brazil.

Uruguay and Brazil are the two teams that openly disagreed with the Copa América dispute. The Celeste footballers demonstrated before the start of the Qualifiers and most of the referents were very clear that they established the position that the oldest tournament should not be played at the national level.

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The “Canarinha” players also became “rebellious” and that became clear after Casemiro’s statements at the end of the game against Ecuador. He announced that all the players have already talked and will give a common statement at the end of the match against Paraguay, this Tuesday in Asunción.

But communication is not only between a soccer player from a team, but the captains of the 10 teams are in constant contact, revealed Ecuador defender Robert Arboleda, who made statements after the duel against Brazil in Porto Alegre,

Arboleda did not want to establish a position on the issue of the Copa América, but did mention that its captain (Enner Valencia) is in contact with the captains of the other teams and surely debating about the future of the tournament.

After the withdrawal of the two initial headquarters, Colombia and Argentina, Conmebol designated Brazil as the new “PC”, being one of the most affected countries since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but which, according to reports, has currently improved a lot .

The only team that has so far established an official position through a statement was Paraguay, which supports the holding of the Cup, as long as there are health guarantees for everyone.



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