Verstappen learned of Hamilton’s departure while at the medical center

Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen said that he did not see Lewis Hamilton’s departure at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix restart live. At that moment, he was in a medical center, which he was obliged to visit due to the fact that in an accident in his car an overload sensor was triggered.

Toto Wolf’s reaction to the departure of Lewis Hamilton at the restart in Baku. Video

“After the accident, I had to go to the medical center. At the moment when Hamilton took off, I was lying on the couch – my blood pressure was measured. By the sound from the track, I knew that the race had resumed. All of a sudden, my phone started bursting with messages and I thought, “What happened?” From these messages on the phone, I learned about Lewis’s departure. My blood pressure didn’t change at that moment! ” – quoted by Verstappen edition RacingNews365.

Thanks to the fact that Hamilton finished only 15th, Verstappen retained the lead in the championship.

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