Verónica Castro and the suit that confirms that the charm has no expiration dateWell, with an image where she poses next to her charming granddaughter, Rafaela Castro, reveals how beautiful and elegant it has managed to stay.

While, Veronica Castro she’s been out of the spotlight for months, when she announced a temporary retirement to take care of her mother, Doña Socorro Castro, her followers have known how to keep her active in social networks, remembering several of his great projects, from soap operas to talk shows and of course, his music.

Veronica Castro He is an iconic figure, because in addition to showing talent from his first television jobs, he has also done so boasting one of the most beautiful faces in the Mexican show, a combination that made him a true legend.

Neither the most important awards or recognitions he has received Veronica Castro Throughout her extensive career they have been able to compare herself with what is most important to her, the love and well-being of her family.

Verónica Castro and the image with which she confirms that maturity and elegance are the best combination

It was a few hours ago when on the account of Instagram of Rafaela Castro, an image of the little girl was shared next to her beloved granny, Veronica Castro, to wish you a happy day, because even at a distance, there is nothing that can separate true love.

Rafaela Castro she is the youngest daughter of Cristian castro And since she was little she has shown that she inherited the talent of her father and the charm of her grandmother, because every time she is with them, she wastes talent and fun. Her mother has strived to give her an education that includes her ability to the arts, plays the piano, sings and much more.

These days where Veronica Castro He has taken refuge in the faith to face life without the company of his mother and where he prepared his return with participation in the cinema, surely the message of his granddaughter brightened the day.

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