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Emmerich Kálmán, Walter Arlen, Hans Gál, Alexander von Zemlinsky – just a few names in the long line of Jewish composers and singers who had to leave their homeland of Austria as victims of the Nazi dictatorship in order to make their way to a highly uncertain future in Austria to make exile. To Great Britain, the USA or even to Shanghai – during the Second World War the only port in the world where refugees could enter without a visa.
Only a few of them were able to build on their often brilliant artistic successes in exile, most suffered from alienation, work bans and poverty or were even interned as enemy aliens.

In 2016, the Vienna research center “Exilarte” began to process the life and work of these often forgotten artists of Austrian origin. The Center for Persecuted Music, located at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw), not only puts together music-historical exhibitions and estates. The focus is on the intention of making music once silenced be heard again. This includes concert performances in Germany and abroad, our own CD series and a sheet music edition so that orchestras know where to find the sheet music editions, which are often scattered to the four winds.

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Composer: Alexander Zemlinsky
Lyricist, text source: Irma Stein-Firner
Lyricist, text source: Alice Mattullath /Translation into English
Album: Music of the Displaced – Steven Scheschareg, M. Haider-Dechant
Titel: Love, I must say Goodbye
Overall title: Three American Songs – for voice and piano
Soloist: Steven Scheschareg / bass-baritone
Soloist: Margit Haider-Dechant /piano
Length: 01:43 min
Label: Apollon AMCI20008

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Composer: Hans Gal/1890 – 1987
Title: Huyton Suite for Flute and Two Violins Op.92
* To the March – 1.Satz (00:02:40)
Soloist: Ulrike Anton /flute
Soloist: Cornelia Loescher / violin 1
Soloist: Wolfhart Schuster / violin 2
Length: 02:40 min
Label: Gramola 98896

Subtitle: Robert Stolz
Title: Don’t Cry
Performers: Jan Kiepura,
Label: (GEMM CD 9976)

Subtitle: Erwin Schulhoff
Title: Double Concerto for Flute, Piano and String Orchestra with 2 Horns, WV 89, op. 63
III. Allegro con Spirit (Rondo)
Performers: English Chamber Orchestra, Ulrike Anton (flute), Russell Ryan (piano), David Parry (conductor)
Label: Gramola

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