“Verdi? He’s an outsider, we’re working”

Marco Giampaolo, Turin coach, spoke during an interview granted to Torino Channel on the eve of the match against Atalanta. These are the words of the grenade coach who also returned to the performance of individuals.

Giampaolo before Atalanta

Alibi? “We don’t want to take alibis. We worked while respecting the rules. We have replaced workouts in which there could be no physical contact with other types of work. The team worked well and prepared the match to the best of our possibilities, which are not few. We are ready to face a strong team, which have been playing together for many years. For us it is a beautiful and stimulating match, which will allow us to understand who we are. I am happy to play a match of this level because it gives us some measures for the work we have done up to now, to understand also what are the character aspects ».

Improve? «We need to start from the positive things and the principles that have characterized us since I arrived in Turin. I reiterated that we need to multiply things done well, also to defend by holding the ball. We are far from my vision of football, I am aware of it, but it makes me confident to see how footballers train and how they try to put my thinking into practice, with great attachment. This comforts me because I know that with time and work we can do nothing but improve ».

Gave? “It’s basically a winger, a wing. A sub-striker if you play with two forwards. I see him as more of a fake attacker than an attacker. I don’t see him in the two forwards but as a playmaker. We are working with him and Berenguer, they have different characteristics but all the players are important resources. There are those who will play 35 games and who will 5, but everyone will have to give their contribution. I don’t like talking about owners and reserves, but about a collective with its own character and identity. Then it is clear that individual quality must be the flagship. But first comes the team: and when we play every match without thinking we have lost it before, then we can say that we have made a step forward. In the sense that we must be aware that we can make a great performance against anyone ».

Stadiums? «Football without spectators is sad. Then it has to go on for TV and economic interests, but without the fans, football loses its poetry. There will be the reopening for a thousand spectators, I hope it can increase even if we are still in difficulty with Covid. The thousand spectators will at least color us a little on Saturday, to us and to themselves. It’s a small step, let’s hope towards better things ».