The Berlin Refugee Council criticized on Thursday: Berlin is deporting again – in the middle of the night in corona risk areas

On July 15, 2020, the Berlin police pulled up to 200 people, including numerous families with young children, out of bed at around 3:00 a.m., before being deported to the Republic of Moldova (Moldova) on the same day.

Moldova currently reports about 2,000 registered new infections every week – with a population similar to that of Berlin with 3.5 million. The number of actively infected cases is said to be 6,250 (Berlin: 235 new infections / week, 333 active cases). The Federal Foreign Office warns against trips to Moldova. The RKI identifies the Republic of Moldova as a corona risk area. (…)

Several people deported to Moldova on July 15 had worked at the LAF (State Office for Refugee Affairs, jW) signed a declaration of voluntary departure and wanted to leave shortly. They were also deported on July 15th. Nora Brezger from the Berlin Refugee Council: »The question arises whether the R2G (” red-red-green “government coalition in Berlin, jW) propagated instrument of voluntary return is really meant when, contrary to promises made, it is then deported. «

The deportation to Moldova was planned and carried out under the sole responsibility of the “red-red-green” Berlin Senate. On the occasion of the questionable deportation, the Refugee Council calls on the Senate to generally refrain from deporting people to corona risk areas. This is all the more true when it comes to members of high-risk groups or those who, like Roma in Moldova, do not have reliable access to the health system in their country of origin in the foreseeable future.

We also condemn the actions of the Berlin police to illegally get people out of their beds and arrest them at night. The planned nighttime intrusion into accommodations to carry out deportations violates Section 58 (7) of the Residence Act (Residence Act, jW) as well as against paragraph 36 ASOG Berlin (General Safety and Regulatory Act, jW). We call on Senator Geisel to prevent the illegal intrusion of the Berlin police into apartments and accommodations at night.

Verdi Berlin-Brandenburg announced on Thursday: Verdi fears attacks on journalists in right-wing demonstrations

With a view to the announced demonstrations of the right-wing extremist alliance “Day of Freedom” next weekend, Verdi fears restrictions on press freedom, including physical assault against journalists.

In addition to the federal government’s corona policy, the weekend’s protests also aim to report on public service broadcasting, individual publicists and numerous press houses. In recent months, comparable demonstrations in Berlin have hindered press work and numerous physical and sexist assaults, particularly press photographers and camera teams. Verdi has also criticized the fact that in recent months the Berlin police have accepted any fantasy ID instead of the national press ID for access to the “restricted areas” surrounding demonstrations. (…)