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Status: November 19, 2020 12:05 p.m.

Round-the-world sailor Boris Herrmann reached the southern hemisphere in the “Vendée Globe” and worked his way up to seventh place.

The man from Hamburg has covered more than 6,800 kilometers since it started a week and a half ago. “It’s more exciting than usual because there is so much at stake. It’s about everything. I said before the race that I would like to cross the equator in the top ten. I succeeded and I am above it I’m happy, “said the 39-year-old, for whom it was already the eleventh crossing of the zero degree of latitude.

Only completed 17 percent of the total distance

The field is led by the British top favorite Alex Thomson (“Hugo Boss”) ahead of the French Thomas Ruyant (“LinkedOut”) and Charlie Dalin (“Apivia”). With the first section of the race from Les Sables-d’Olonne around the world and back, the single-handed sailors have only completed just under 17 percent of the total distance of around 40,000 kilometers. The fastest boats are expected back in France in mid-January.

Weathered storms, only the fruit suffered

Herrmann, who in the meantime reported top speeds of up to 32 knots (60 km / h) with his “Seaexplorer Yacht Club de Monaco”, survived the first few stormy nights well. Only the nets with the fruit had suffered, he said on his website: “The lemons, kiwis and avocados are rotten. Now I am eating apples and oranges.” Other skippers in the field of 32 participants fared worse. The Frenchman Nicolas Troussel gave up the race with his yacht “Corum” after a mast break.

A mishap that Herrmann also noticed, as he writes: “It’s now a pitch-black night outside. I’m still a little worried about what happened to ‘Corum’. Can I go to sleep like this or do I have to jib Top cut for the night? Internally, I’ll fight it out in my sleep … Good night. “

Contact with other sailors

Despite all the adversities, the good mood prevails. “It’s still too hot and humid to sleep. I can better sit in the cockpit, watch how the boat behaves and write down what happened today: I overtook Benjamin Dutreux this morning. We spent a long time on the radio and you could almost say we became friends “, reported the sailor on board:” It was very nice. One of the few skippers I have hardly met before and who I don’t know anything about. Smart guy. “

VIDEO: Cast off! Boris Herrmann starts circumnavigation (4 min)

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The Seaexplorer on the high seas © picture alliance / DPPI Photo: VINCENT CURUTCHET

The man from Hamburg will start the toughest sailing race in the world as the first German on Sunday. Around 40,000 kilometers lie ahead of him. more

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