VDL employees have taken leave due to the cyber attack. The company has been shut down since last week due to a hack.

A spokesperson for VDL confirms this after reporting in the Financieele Dagblad.

According to a spokesperson, “employees have taken leave in good consultation”. It is not known whether this also concerns locations in Limburg. VDL has branches in Limburg in Born (Nedcar), Venlo, Weert, Nederweert, Swalmen, Sevenum and Hoensbroek.

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Nedcar will restart the production of cars on Wednesday. The company will start with the afternoon shift, which will start around 3:00 PM. “All signals are green,” said the spokesman. Nedcar previously said that the company can produce in a “secure digital environment”. The company does not want to say whether it concerns the old digital environment.

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Job Kuijpers, chairman of the board of the digital security company EYE Security in The Hague, suspects that it is a ransomware. It’s probably a fluke of criminals. “If they then find out that they are dealing with a company like VDL, the ransom will quickly reach the millions,” says Kuijpers.

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