Vaud – A new Rolex scam circulates on WhatsApp


The cantonal police warns, but too late: several Vaudois have already been fooled.

This is how the WhatsApp message is presented; the link also circulated on Facebook.


No, it’s not this weekend that you’re going to win a Rolex thanks to a friend who wants you well. Even if that’s what a message currently circulating on WhatsApp in the canton promises. The Vaud cantonal police are currently warning the population: this message is actually a phishing attempt. This is by far not the first time that hackers have attempted to obtain bank details with the prospect of great rewards.

“People usually alert us by email, and we get dozens of them a week. For example, fake apartments for rent that require you to pay down payments even before having visited the property… But the Rolex scam is particularly present at the moment, ”specifies Christian Bourquenoud, spokesperson for the gendarmerie.

In Geneva, too, many people received this message. “My dad even received it twice,” explains one reader. The father of the latter was also had, at first. “He landed on a web page that told him he had to forward the message to 20 contacts to receive his gift.” The strangest thing is that all previous Wahtsapp conversations with the people the 70-year-old forwarded the message to have mysteriously disappeared from his phone.

If we receive such a link, referring to a visibly unofficial site and a little too good to be true, we must therefore not click on it. A site maintained by the Swiss police also offers advice on how to react in many shady or dangerous situations.