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The VAT refund It was created in Colombia with the aim of granting a financial incentive to the most needy families to alleviate their tax burden and help them face the current difficult economic situation. The delivery process of the monetary transfer of 80 thousand pesos is the responsibility of social prosperity (DPS). This informative publication provides useful information about how to find out if you are a beneficiary of this program, as well as the next disbursement dates and other relevant aspects that must be considered.

People who are in a situation of poverty or lack in Colombian territory can be beneficiaries of subsidies granted by the authorities. To identify those who need these benefits, tools such as the System for the Identification of Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (Sisbén) are used, which makes it possible to assess the level of need of applicants.

Sport When do they pay the VAT Refund?

The DPS has informed that the VAT Refund will continue in force in 2023, however, the exact payment dates and the corresponding schedule for the delivery of the subsidy have not yet been established. If there are any questions or complaints, you can contact the national Social Prosperity hotline at number 01-8000-951100 or through authorized digital channels.

Sport How to know if you agree to the VAT Refund?

To be eligible and receive the VAT Refund, it is essential to be registered in the Sisbén, since the Government uses this tool to identify the most needy families that need this subsidy. If you want to know if you are a beneficiary of the program, it is possible to verify it by entering the ID number in the option “Check here if you are a beneficiary”.

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Similarly, you can contact the number mentioned above, 01-8000-95-1100, throughout the national territory. It is important to bear in mind that in order to access the necessary information and confirm whether or not you are a beneficiary of the VAT Refund online, it is necessary to update the data in Sisbén IV in advance.

Sport How to collect the VAT Refund?

To consider. Households eligible to participate in the program will be notified via text message about the funds transfer available at SuperGIROS payout locations and its partner network. Payment will be made in full and according to the corresponding cycle for each beneficiary household.



sport Solidarity Income, Plan to Fight Hunger: collection calendar and list of beneficiaries (Video: Twitter / @ProsperidadCol).

Solidarity Income, Plan to Fight Hunger: collection calendar and list of beneficiaries (Video: Twitter / @ProsperidadCol).


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