VARIANT DELTA / Empty hospitals (as in the UK) and you don’t die: what if we thought about working?

Galileo Galilei, imprisoned by the court of the Holy Inquisition for claiming that it was the earth that revolved around the sun, abjured to save himself from torture and death, saying the opposite of what he thought, but legend has it that in the end he said, referring to the earth , “and yet it moves”. Thus he saved the body and conscience. Even today – forgive us the bold comparison – we must go against the tide, especially if we talk about how to fight the coronavirus.

Today, it appears that the Delta variant of the virus is the greatest misfortune to come. Fortunately, it is a lie based on half the truth, like all lies that want to be believed. But let’s go in order.

Delta variant rages on the UK; now it is arriving in Italy. It is definitely infectious. This is the half truth. It is enough to compare the surge in the UK infection curve (Figure 1) with the flat one of Covid deaths in the same country (Figure 2) to understand that there is no correlation between the current fourth wave of infections and mortality. for the same disease. It must be said clearly: the Delta variant exists, yet you do not die. This means that even if you are infected with the Delta-coronavirus, you will not die from that disease.

Figure 1. New infections from Covid-19 in the UK; last survey 17 July 2021 (Source: Johns Hopkins University – CSSE)

Figure 2. Deaths from Covid-19 in the UK; last survey 17 July 2021 (Source: Johns Hopkins University – CSSE)

Of course, if you catch the virus and also have other health problems, you risk getting sick, just as it was possible before Covid and as it will be even when we have forgotten about the coronavirus. In addition, the word coronavirus gives chills, but it is necessary to remember that the cold virus is also called this, being from the same family.

For the sake of completeness, let’s also take a look at the infections and deaths from Covid in Italy (Figures 3 and 4). Thanks to vaccines, things are going much better with us, indeed we can say that they are definitely going well. There are very few infections, so much so that the system in charge is making superhuman efforts to track down a significant number. In the last week from 9 to 15 July, infections were on a daily average 1,818, few but slightly rising, and 14 deaths, a sharp decline compared to the previous week. This indicates that, should the Delta variant be dominant in Italy in the future, we can expect the same trend as in the United Kingdom, i.e. several infections with limited or no damage.

Figure 3. New infections from Covid-19 in Italy; last survey 17 July 2021 (Source: Johns Hopkins University – CSSE)

Figure 4. Died from Covid-19 in Italy; last survey July 17, 2021 (Source: Johns Hopkins University – CSSE)

We close with the hope that politicians of good will do not mention the Delta distracting people from the real problems of the country. An important problem is to quickly conclude the vaccination, which must concern all those who have health functions, as well as what France is imposing. Too many people have caught the virus in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Also, vaccination it must be extended to the entire school world, i.e. to teaching and non-teaching staff and to students from high school upwards. It is not permissible to repeat the unsuccessful results of distance learning for another year. Last year we were taken aback and made a virtue of necessity; if we persevere, we show that we are naïve.

Another non-trivial problem is that of economic recovery. We must not hide that we already had half a foot in the economic abyss before Covid; health restrictions have pushed us even further (towards the abyss). The government’s Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) can serve as a counterweight for a while, however it is the economy generated by entrepreneurs that can get the country moving again.

We hope that no other journalist insults intelligence again by saying that the penalty saved by Donnarumma is the sign of Italy starting again. We rejoiced at every goal of the national team and even more at that save, but both have nothing to do with the restart. Each production enterprise saved will be like a penalty saved and each new enterprise will be like a goal scored. These will be the authentic signs of the restart of the Italy-nation and for these we will rejoice.

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