Var: A teenager tried for having killed the father of a friend at his request

A man killed at the request of his own son, by his secret lover, against the backdrop of an inheritance, in an opulent villa in Draguignan. This Monday, the assize court for minors in Var is looking into the murder of a fifty-year-old who occurred in April 2020, commissioned by his then 15-year-old teenager. 20 Minutes returns to this hearing held behind closed doors.

What are the facts ?

On April 24, 2020, the police went to a large villa in the chic Teissonnières district in Draguignan, at the request of young Liam *, then 15 years old. France is then in full confinement. In the garage of the family home, the police find the father of the teenager on an exercise bike, dead from a bullet in the head. The victim, in his fifties, lived in this opulent house with his son and his new companion. He also owned several other properties.

Questioned by the investigators, the young Liam explains that he heard a gunshot and then tried to flee. Unconvinced by these statements, the police decided to place the teenager in custody. And during the security searches, the police will make an unexpected discovery. In the boy’s trouser pocket is a handwritten letter, written in red ink, stating, “If you kill him, I had the house and everything.” A letter signed by the teenager himself. Shortly after the events, the victim’s partner found another sheet of paper in her son-in-law’s room, with a message: “If you kill him, you have 2,000 euros and there will be no problems with the cops, you don’t worry, but I want him dead”.

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Asked, a neighbor attests to having seen Liam. with another teenager on the day of the incident. The latter, Jason*, was quickly identified by the police and arrested. In front of the investigators, Jason, then 17 years old, confesses to the investigators the day after the assassination to have killed Liam’s father at his request.

What is the motive of the victim’s son?

At the material time, Liam had been living with his father for three years. His parents separated when he was only six months old. First entrusted to his mother, the young man lives with his father because of a difficult and rebellious adolescence. The investigators discover that, for almost a year, the teenager had solicited several sponsors in his entourage to kill his father against a large sum of money, contract in support, but without the process ever succeeding.

Liam mentions for the first time his plan to Jason the day of the announcement of the confinement by Emmanuel Macron. He claims to be the victim of violence from his father, which his relatives deny. Liam promises Jason 230,000 euros as a reward, half the price of the house at which his father planned to sell it. Liam also provides Jason with the revolver that is in the family home.

“Several motives were alternately put forward by the indicted, violence on the part of the father or even the lure of gain in the perspective of the inheritance”, can we read in the indictment order. Questioned by the investigators, Liam’s mother-in-law underlines the venality of the teenager, who told his relatives that he imagined wanting a lot of money without having to work. Liam was sentenced last May to fifteen years in prison.

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And what is Jason’s motive, judged on Monday?

At the time, Jason had known Liam for five years. In front of the investigators, the teenager explains that he initially found his friend’s proposal to kill his father crazy and shocking. “Then Liam harassed him daily asking him again and again to act out,” the charging order reads. He began to change his mind when Liam told him that there were 460,000 euros at stake. was abused by his father and wanted to protect him. »

“My client has a certain psychological fragility that his friend was able to exploit,” says Me Laurent Latapie, Jason’s lawyer. He felt a little lonely, even more during this period of confinement. He is a rather simple man, not to say simpleton. He’s a boy who can’t say no. He also harbored somewhat romantic feelings for him. He had promised her that after that, they would both go to Belgium. This attraction for Liam would have partly motivated Jason who, at the last moment, according to his lawyer, would have given up his act. “But he killed the victim by pushing the dog [pièce qui sert à percuter l’amorce d’une cartouche d’une arme à feu]“, reports Me Laurent Latapie. The trial will last until Wednesday.

*Names have been changed.



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