Van Soelen family demands to get images from documentary André Hazes

Sarah van Soelen (26) and her family do not want them to be seen in André Hazes (28) his documentary. The family even demands that all images be removed from the RTL Videoland documentary and will meet with the makers on Monday.

During the filming of the docu-series André Hazes and Sarah van Soelen were still in a love relationship. The entire van Soelen family, and especially Sarah’s stepfather Rudolf, was closely involved when Hazes was in trouble.

Take action

When the news came out that everything is back to normal between Monique Westenberg and André, the van Soelen family was in shock. Sarah and her family were quite surprised about the reunion between André and Monique Westenberg. They are going to take action against the upcoming documentary. They don’t want to be in it. The reunion between André and Monique has released a lot for them,” says Patty Brard, who spoke to the family.

Since Sarah and André broke up, the van Soelen family has not heard anything from the singer. That was ‘very painful’, according to them. “He just kind of disappeared from view for everyone. “And now we are immediately presented as the intermediate phase in a documentary that we actually want nothing more to do with,” they told Brard.

No quit claims

“They didn’t have to sign quit claims,” ​​says Patty. ,,That’s why I called the production house of the documentary today to ask: ‘What are we going to do about this?’ They have told me that they will sit down on Monday to see how they are going to solve this.”

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