Valve welcomes ROG Ally, the great “rival” of Steam Deck, with open arms

Valve welcomes ROG Ally, the great “rival” of Steam Deck, with open arms


Valve (Steam Deck) congratulates ASUS ROG on the announcement of ROG Ally and they celebrate that gamers have more options to play with portable devices.

Today we have finally known the release date and price of ROG ALLYthe new “console PC” from ASUS, a machine that was announced very recently (it was so good that many thought it was “April fools”), and almost out of nowhere will be among us.

ROG ALLY is going out on June 13that the price of 799,99 eurosand comparisons to the Steam Deck have been ongoing since day one.

It is not the first time that a portable PC has been made in the form of a console and with an interface adapted to make it easy to pick it up and start playing immediately, but Steam Deck, thanks to Valve’s muscle, was the most popular.

Now, ASUS ROG (of Republic of Gamers) aspires to reach the peaks that Steam Deck does not reach. And Valve is delighted. In fact, this was his intention from the beginning.

Congratulations to @ASUS_ROG on the announcement of the ROG Ally! We’re excited to see PC handheld ecosystem continue to grow, and for players to have more ways to play their games on the go.

— Steam Deck (@OnDeck) May 11, 2023

Valve congratulates ASUS on ROG Ally

In a tweet, Valve, through the official Steam Deck profile, congratulates ASUS ROG on Ally’s announcement. “We’re excited to see the mobile PC ecosystem grow, and gamers have more ways to play their games.“.

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In fact, when Valve announced the Steam Deck in the summer of 2021, their intention was always for other developers to create their own versions of a portable PC that allows you to play games from Steam libraries or the Epic Games Store “on you go”, that is. , in bed, on public transport, in town… anywhere!

In fact, Sony is rumored to be developing a new portable console, although it would be more akin to Steam Deck or ROG Ally than a PS Vita: being able to remotely (but natively?) play PS5 games.

How about ROG Alland? You should know that this Windows 11 PC goes on sale on June 13, and in Spain it can only be purchased at GAME stores. Here you can reserve it for 799.99 euros.

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