Steam gets server-side updates that seem to be aimed at preventing the use of various tricks to be able to buy i games at lower price, such as using VPN to buy from foreign sections of the digital store.

There are no official communications in this regard, but the changes have been reported by Steam Database, always very active in finding news, even quite hidden in the Steam code and in the systems connected to the digital delivery servers. Valve. From these changes it appears that Valve has recently made it more difficult to buy products from sections other than its membership on Steam.

It is a way to close the loophole which was previously present and allowed to use VPN services in order to take advantage of any lower prices in countries with different currency and market, which of course has always been contrary to the terms and conditions of use of Steam.

These irregular purchasing systems had come back in evidence in particular with the case of Horizon Zero Dawn, protagonist of the strange case of the price increased in Argentina suddenly just to put a stop to the purchase in this market by foreign countries, considering the lower cost.