Valve Officially Announces $400 Steam Deck

After the rumors that surfaced back in May, Valve is coming out today to officially announce the Steam Deck, a portable gaming console that will be officially available later this year. Fortunately for us, our global network IGN has exclusive coverage of this device that we will bring to you as part of this month’s IGN First coverage, but now here is the basic information about the new Steam Deck.

In the beginning, the Steam Deck platform is very similar to the Nintendo Switch in terms of form in particular, but with the specifications and capabilities of a computer, and the device is running with a modified version of SteamOS of Valve, and a new user interface similar to the one through the Steam application, for easy navigation between the Steam store and the library your games, but also offers the ability to install any third-party applications (including games or players outside of the Steam Store).

aIn terms of device specifications and what it offers, Steam Deck has a 7-inch LDC screen with a resolution of 1280 * 800 and a 60Hz screen, and Valve has partnered with AMD to create an APU dedicated to the quad-core Steam Deck platform AMD Zen 2 with 4 cores and 8 lanes, with 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. In practical terms, it makes the Steam Deck platform more powerful than its other counterpart Switch, allowing it to run modern games well, as our global network was able to run the Jedi Fallen Order Steam Deck version on the highest graphical settings, emphasizing that Valve’s goal with this device It is to give players access to their entire Steam library while on the go and out of the house.

The device contains the controller and all the buttons and triggers on both sides of the device, and at the bottom of each controller there is a small panel that can be used as a mouse/mouse in case you want to use it and experience playing with it, and there are also four back buttons on the back of the Steam Deck that can be set as you see fit, The screen is a multi-input touch screen.

In addition, the Steam Deck has Bluetooth support for any device that you can connect to a regular computer (including headphones such as Apple AirPods) and external controllers, but it can also be docked and connected to an external monitor as well as support for an external mouse/mouse and keyboard if you wish More in use as a personal computer.

The company announced 3 different versions of the Steam Deck, and the only major difference between them is the storage space and speed with identical graphic capabilities. The main version of the device will cost $ 399 and has 64 GB of storage, followed by a $529 version with a capacity of 256 GB, and finally a $649 version that has 512 GB and anti-glare screen treatment and high brightness, and the last two versions contain NVMe storage, which is fast in transfer. and use. And the three versions allow you to install and play games through a Micro SD card to expand the device’s storage capacity even more.

Steam Deck does not have an official launch date yet, but it is currently scheduled to be available in holiday 2021. As I mentioned above, there are more details about the device that we will share with you later.

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