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I really don’t understand the popularity of Nintendo.

It seems it’s mostly in the content, but when I look on their site for the Switch, I don’t see anything that I would want to play. Everything is so cartoony. Mario, Pokemon, Zelda.. It’s not my age either because we had an NES at home since I was 10 and it didn’t interest me either

I like depth in games, realistic worlds that you can completely immerse yourself in. Nintendo feels more like 5 minutes of peew pew when you have nothing better to do.

It just amazes me because they often go for something really gimmicky and then also don’t work out well. Think of the Wii for example, there were only a few games where the controller did not work purely as ‘gestures as a replacement for push buttons’. And the 3DS that made people dizzy. It felt like it was all set for a flop, but it’s always a success.

Anyway I’m glad people enjoy it, I just don’t get it :? It’s still a strange sensation for me :)

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