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The players of VALORANT can benefit, from this January 11, of an important update, the update 4.0. In addition to bringing a new Agent, Neon, a number of changes and balances are applied.

Thus, we see several weapons being modified (Guardian, Ares or Bulldog), while Bind and Breeze receive major changes. Competitive mode is now only available to players with an account level greater than 20.

You can find the patch notes complete below, in order to take cognizance of all the details of VALORANT update 4.0.



Melee attacks are hard to count as their accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. So we’ve updated melee attacks with left and right clicks so you can hit hard with your agents.

  • The right click hitbox is 1.5 times larger. The left click hitbox is now larger than the right click hitbox and its range has been slightly increased.
  • The target closest to the center of your knife attacks will be hit first, allowing for timely accuracy.


The Specter’s versatility is great, but way too powerful in long-range combat, as well as in close-range scenarios where mobility is very important. We’re advancing the arrival of vagueness and increasing the frequency of horizontal recoil in the hopes that it will make it harder to pull off kills in long-range gusts. Likewise, short-range bursts will require more control to be effective.

  • The firing error occurs earlier in the burst.
    • For example, instead of errors occurring on bullets 4, 7, and 10 (in order of firing), they will occur on bullets 3, 6, and 8.
  • Increased horizontal and vertical recoil multipliers when running, jumping and using ascender: 1.25 >>> 1.5.
  • Reduced the number of bullets protected against horizontal recoil during gusts: 8 >>> 5 bullets.
  • Reduced horizontal recoil spawn time: 0.24 >>> 0.18 seconds.
    • During gusts, the delay between multiple horizontal rollbacks has been reduced, meaning they can occur more often.


In addition to the changes to the Specter, we hope to improve the feel and power of the Ares. for that he does not remain in the shadow of his colleagues in the same price range.

  • The initial turnaround time has been removed.
  • Increased rate of fire: 10 >>> 13.


The Guardian didn’t need their rate of fire penalty compared to their automatic counterparts, so we’re removing it. We’re adding one more bullet before the weapon starts to get unstable to make it better on a piecemeal basis and improve its overall effectiveness in combat.

  • The rate of fire penalty with the sights has been removed.
  • An additional bullet is now required for the weapon to enter the recovery curve.


We give the Bulldog a little love so that it can be a viable purchase option when you need a versatile rifle at a low price.

  • Increased Judgment Rate: 9.5 >>> 10.
  • Improved burst recovery time: 0.4 >>> 0.35.
    • The inaccuracy increases each time the weapon fires a new bullet before the end of its cooldown. A shorter recovery time should improve the efficiency of the bursts.




  • The pile of crates in Courte A has been changed, as it was too advantageous a location to launch a smoke bomb blocking the view of attackers and preventing them from attempting an approach.
    • Sentries will still be able to block the way, but the new layout should provide some options for attackers.


  • A new small bench is also making its appearance to stir up trouble at first glance.



  • We’ve increased the bottleneck width of Principal A and removed the 50/50 (when not sure if the enemy will be on the left or right).
    • This should give more options to defenders playing near Principal A. It also removes 50/50 when entering or exiting the cave, allowing for a more methodical approach during assaults.


  • A stack of crates has been added to the cave.
    • It will provide additional cover to attackers in the cave and give defenders more options to challenge the area.


  • The cover at the back of Site A has been adjusted and the basin has been extended to the wall.
    • The cover changes should give defenders a safe place to fall back and more cover to take back the site. The extension of the pelvis should make playing in the zone more enjoyable.
    • The enlargement of the installation site goes hand in hand with the new shape of the pelvis.


  • The middle curved wall has been adjusted.
    • This change makes the space more readable and removes the unnecessary corner.


  • We added a cover near the Site B pillar, blocked the back of the site with a new wall, and added a stack of crates near Wall B.
    • The new cover near the pillar opens up new opportunities before and after placing the spike.
    • Adjusting the rear of the site prevents vision over Principal B and also gives players a new element to take cover behind. This new cover should be useful for retreating or retaking the site.
    • The new stack of crates spans multiple angles from Principal B, offers new options in defense or site retaking, and should prevent some weird fights on thin walls.
  • The door at B cannot be reactivated until it has fully opened or closed.


As the number of cards and agents increases, it has become more and more difficult for new players to learn how to play VALORANT effectively. However, we have not changed the conditions of access to our most competitive game mode. We believe that everyone should take the time to learn all the ins and outs of key gameplay elements and should play on all maps and with all of VALORANT’s agents before embarking on the competitive experience. In order for players to go through this learning phase, we have decided that a minimum account level would be required to play in Competition mode

  • From patch 4.0, your account level must be at least 20 to be able to access Competition mode.
    • Those whose account has not yet reached level 20 but who have already played in Competition mode will still be able to play it.

Reduced score penalty for groups of 5

Based on our initial data on groups of 5 in Competition mode, we may have gone a little hard with the penalty applied to SC wins / losses. Whether you’re playing in a party of 5 or not, game balancing works the same, meaning it’s hard to have a high ranked player in your party and potentially boost a lower ranked player. Therefore, we are reducing the penalties for lower ranks.

  • SC penalties for Diamond 2 and lower players have been reduced by 25%. In sum, the new minimum penalty reduces SC gains / losses by 25%, compared to 50% previously.
  • We only make this change for ranks that do not fit into the ranking in order to preserve the integrity of the ranking.

Improved random card selection

  • We have increased the weight of the cards in the random selection, which should improve the variety of cards and reduce repetitions between games.


Game systems

  • Fixed an issue where the signature skill kills counter would not visually update correctly.

Esports functions

  • Trainers will no longer have the problem of changing targets by pressing the number keys at the same time as the mouse buttons.
    • Thanks to RobWiz for reporting this issue!

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