The Esports Observer has released its list of the most important PC games in the second quarter of 2020 and it attracts attention triumphant entry of Valorant, the new shooter Riot Games, which sneaks directly into the third position of it.

This ranking, which obviously only takes into account the PC version in multiplatform games, they develop it taking into account differently weighted criteria and including the number of players up to the number of tournaments or the distribution of winnings.

He most important factor is the number of active players per month on PC, which weighs 30%. The second category is distribution of prizes (25%), closely followed by hours seen from their esports competitions (twenty %). The displayed hours of the game as a whole they weigh 15% and both the number of concurrent streamers and the number of tournaments have the same weight: 5% each.

With these values, League of Legends remains in first position with a score of 74.83, which gives you a wide margin over the second, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which stands at 57.42. The two games maintain their position regarding past installments of this ranking.

If the distance between LoL and CS: GO is wide, the more it is between it and its immediate pursuer, Valuing, which stands at 35.85. This score is enough to take third place, although with a very short advantage over fourth, Fortnite takes fourth with 33.08 and improvement compared to the fifth position it had previously.

Complete ranking

Between the fifth and seventh positions are the two games that have fallen the most from this high part: Dota 2 and Rainbow Six. The first falls two positions (from 3rd to 5th) and stays at 26.21 points and the second falls three positions to the seventh (13.72). Between them is Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which stabilizes as sixth with 20.74.

The rest of the list is completed by HearthStone, PUBG, Overwatch, Rocket League, StarCraft II, Legends of Runeterra, FIFA 20 and Teamfight Tactics.. It is striking that the list is monopolized by a couple of companies, highlighting Blizzard and Riot Games with four games each.