Valentina Vignali, irrepressible neckline in the Caribbean: crazy fans

Valentina Vignali, irrepressible neckline in the Caribbean: “The umbrellas have risen by themselves”. The model blew social media with her bikini.

Valentina Vignali (Source Instagram @valentinavignali)


For several days Valentina Vignali is making headlines for his Caribbean vacation. The continuous bikinis and the continuous photos that she posts are definitely captivating and appreciated by all the male people. Recently she has often been portrayed in the Bahamas: a screaming body and curves in evidence, in addition to her beautiful face that embellishes her profile. The most famous and beautiful basketball player continues to immerse herself in the crystalline sea of ​​the Caribbean and post more and more seductive photos.

The 30-year-old model sported a bikini particularly low-cut and much appreciated, since users were unleashed en masse with the likes reaching about 56 thousand in 10 hours! Vignali also posted a caption to promote the sponsor who provided the costume. (”And also this year thanks @ 2bekini who supported me and helped me to make my costume capsule exactly as I wanted it for the second time! The collection consists of a one-piece, two cover-ups, two trousers, and twelve bikinis ranging from gold, black, white, champagne and military green. I am very happy we have been working on it for months and I hope you like it! Ps: this in the picture is my favorite: “Like Oro” model).

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Valentina Vignali, irrepressible neckline in the Caribbean

The Vignali he has fun between free time and work, having himself photographed and trying on the different items of clothing on offer. In this case it is a competition between costumes, visibly remarkable and very beautiful on her fantastic body. Side A and side B are magnetic to say the least: we challenge anyone to tell us that no one has zoomed in right there!

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