The big heart drawn in the felt at the entrance of the tunnel takes nothing away from the sordid of the place. It is for being assaulted at this place, rue Léon-Blum in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, that a 16-year-old girl complained on Wednesday. For rape but also for the theft of his mobile phone. She was raped in a neighborhood cellar before being hit in this tunnel.

Two men aged 17 and 18 were indicted and imprisoned for rape and procuring in this case after being brought to the court of Créteil Friday evening. A 14-year-old who would only be involved in the theft of the mobile phone was also introduced to a juvenile judge.

All three had been arrested last week and placed in custody at the premises of the judicial police following the complaint of the young woman. Which, a native of Val-d'Oise, admitted having met at least one of them to engage in prostitution.

A meeting in the Gare du Nord

To the police, the young woman said that she arrived on the pavement Roland-Garros Villeneuve-Saint-Georges after meeting a man station North in Paris. Sequestered in a cellar in the neighborhood, she was then raped by this man she presents as a "friend" and another. They would have wanted to "test" this young woman who would have admitted having already prostituted in the past.

They would then have thrown her out before participating in her assault with two other men in the tunnel on rue Léon-Blum. She was beaten several times before being stolen from her mobile phone. This prompted her to file a complaint at the police station in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges the same day.

This is where two men were arrested in the wake. One of them had the young woman's cell phone on him. Asked about the rape, the other mentioned a "consented" relationship. A third man was arrested in Champigny. A fourth would not have been identified yet.

Suspected of wanting to network

At least two are believed to have wanted to mount a network of proxenetic city. In the Val-de-Marne, prostitution cases of underage girls have exploded in recent years. Ephemeral, mounted via social networks, they are closely followed at the prosecutor's office of Créteil where a dedicated referent has been in place for almost three years.

In a few days must be held in Creteil the trial of four men for aggravated pimping. They are prosecuted for having prostituted five young women in an apartment in Champigny for several months. Among them, two teenagers aged 15 and 16 years.


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