“Vaccines have increased the epidemic” of Covid-19

“What we are seeing and analyzing is that vaccines have increased the epidemic.” Here is the last shocking sentence balanced by Pr. Raoult in an interview with South Radio, Tuesday January 11.

“How is it that in the most vaccinated country we have the most cases?”

“For three months I have been watching all John Hopkins data, and I do not understand this epidemic, I do not understand what is happening“, He confided. “In France, 25% of Covid-19 cases have occurred within a month. During the same time, we gave 15 million vaccine injections. Look at Australia: for a long time they had almost no cases, they had locked up their citizens for 200 days. Then they carried out a massive vaccination campaign. And for the past month they have had 800,000 cases “.

“The theory proposed by Professor Raoult seems flawed”

The one who has caused a lot of ink to flow since the start of this health crisis continues his questioning. “We now know that vaccination does not control the epidemic. The question is: how is it that in the most vaccinated country do we have the most cases? This is an extremely interesting scientific question that we are working on“, He asks without providing an answer.

An answer given by the Swiss Pr. Antoine Flahault in the columns of The Dispatch : “The theory proposed by Professor Raoult seems flawed here. If the countries of Western Europe are experiencing strong waves linked to the Omicron variant, despite their strong vaccine coverage, their immune dams seem to hold up well against severe forms of the infection “.

Another purely mathematical precision: the number of tests. If the contaminations are record, so is the number of tests carried out. A correlation between vaccination and contamination is therefore biased.

Raoult’s doubts about the vaccine

Regarding vaccines, I think we should think in terms of cost-benefit, both individually and collectively, he calls out. In the past two years, there is no excess mortality, there is no overhospitalization among people under 50. As for the variants, with Omicron there is no mortality at all. It will be difficult to see what is the benefit of this business.

In the midst of promoting his book, the challenged Professor has apparently succeeded in his first bet: to return to the media scene.

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