Vaccination rate probably underestimated
Lauterbach counters criticism from RKI chief voters

After the doubts about the own vaccination quota, criticism of the RKI and its President Wieler is loud. Above all, the FDP and the Greens see the RKI boss responsible and demand consequences. However, he is now getting an advocate from the ranks of the SPD.

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has spoken out against a personal discussion at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in connection with different vaccination rates in Germany. He thinks such debates about RKI boss Wieler are inappropriate, he said in the “Report from Berlin” in the ARD. There are currently more important things. “We are in a particularly vulnerable phase where the fourth wave could flare up again at any time.”

Nevertheless, the difference in the vaccination rates had to be worked up, emphasized Lauterbach. There were deficits. The discrepancy between the calculation by the Federal Ministry of Health and the reported vaccination quota by the Robert Koch Institute requires justification.

Politicians from the FDP and the Greens had criticized RKI boss Wieler in connection with the disclosure of the vaccination quota. After a new evaluation, the institute had stated that the rate of those vaccinated was probably five percentage points above the reporting statistics of the vaccination centers. One possible reason for this is that not all vaccinations are recorded by company doctors, in medical practices or mobile vaccination teams.

Harsh criticism from the FDP and the Greens

With Wieler there is “no trace of error inspection,” said the FDP health expert Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus of the “Bild” newspaper. Wieler was “too close to the line of the federal government,” she criticized. The FDP wants the authority no longer to be subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health. Aschenberg-Dugnus also said that months ago it was suspected that the vaccination rate would be reported too low. However, the federal government has always denied this. “Now it’s October and Mr. Wieler has corrected the quota by five percent upwards. And it is pretended to be a success.”

The Green politician Dieter Janecek criticized the fact that in other countries such problems with recording the vaccination quota are not known. “Germany is overwhelmed again,” he said. Janecek also sees Wieler’s responsibility for the long school closings in Germany: “The RKI supported a course that paid special attention to children as alleged infection drivers.”


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