New strains may begin to form under pressure from global vaccinations

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Coronavirus COVID-19

A worldwide COVID-19 vaccination will force the virus to create new strains in order to survive. This opinion was shared in an interview with URA.RU by a microbiologist, scientific director of the State Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums named after V.I. Mechnikov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Zverev.

“Vaccinations are being carried out all over the world, under this pressure, the virus can begin to mutate, and new variants may appear. But so far the virus does not change enough to say that those who have been ill will start to get sick again or those who are vaccinated will start to get sick with a new variant, ”stressed Vitaly Zverev.

In an interview with URA.RU, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Health and Healthcare of Kursk State Medical University, Candidate of Medical Sciences Vladimir Timoshilov said that according to the law of the evolution of the virus, the weakest strains that are not capable of causing severe harm to the body survive. “The general law of evolution of a virus is such that it is not profitable for it to kill, it is beneficial for it to be transmitted, therefore, as a result, strains are fixed that can be transferred to as many new hosts as possible. If a person is mildly ill, often does not even seek medical help, he continues to walk and infect, and such a virus gives rise to more numerous offspring and becomes the dominant strain. One can hope for this general mechanism, that if the virus is fought, the weakest strains survive, the strongest go to the grave, together with the patient, ”he explained.

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The speaker expressed the hope that the “Delta” strain will end its existence in the near future. “With Delta, we see a short incubation period, severe symptoms, with which there is either hospitalization or death, which means a dead end for the virus. Therefore, either everything will end at Delta and we will stay with Delta, but the level of hospitalized morbidity will decrease slightly, or new, less dangerous strains will appear, ”he summed up.

Earlier, a professor at the National Institute of Genetics Ituro Inoue said that the incidence of COVID-19 in Japan has decreased due to the “self-destruction” of the Delta strain. The variant accumulated too many mutations in the error-correcting non-structural protein and the virus was unable to correct them in time.

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