Until now, the vaccine was reserved for over 65s, pregnant women, frail people and caregivers.

The flu vaccination campaign is expanding. It is open to the entire French population from this Monday until January 31, 2022, after having been initially reserved for priority audiences.

The flu vaccination was launched on October 18 in nursing homes, before being reserved for over 65s, pregnant women, frail people and caregivers a few days later.

Not reimbursed by Health Insurance for non-priority audiences, vaccination can be carried out in a pharmacy, without a prescription for adults, with a prescription for minors, or with a doctor or nurse, and costs around ten euros. .

If pharmacies have stocked up on doses to allow mass vaccination this year, the campaign has so far only enjoyed mixed success. As of November 19, 5.6 million flu vaccines have been withdrawn free of charge from pharmacies, including 4.7 million for those over 65, out of the 15 million priority people eligible for the vaccine, according to Franceinfo.

A particular fear this year

Fears are however particularly high this year due to the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic and the weak circulation of the flu last winter, which has undoubtedly reduced collective immunity to this virus.

This year, the vaccination campaign began four days ahead of the date initially set by health authorities. The decision was particularly in a context of “co-circulation of the viruses of Covid-19 and influenza, increasing the risk of co-infection and the development of serious forms and death”, had specified the General Directorate of health.

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Each winter, 2 to 6 million people are affected by the flu virus, according to Health Insurance.

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