Vaccination in Polynesia: No longer really the choice

Tahiti, July 12, 2021 – Vaccination obligation for caregivers and extension of the health pass from July 21: How will the head of state’s announcements be made in Polynesia and when? If the first is already the subject of reflections for a draft Country law, the second, more delicate from a technical point of view, will hardly be able to align with the timing of the metropolis.

“Vaccinate as many people as possible everywhere, at any time” : The declaration of the Head of State leaves no doubt on the course of vaccination throughout the territory of the Republic. Vaccination obligation for caregivers on the one hand, extension of the health pass at the entrance to most public places on the other: To what extent will both be available in Polynesia and when? Because as often since the beginning of the crisis, the timing to honor the legislative deadlines promises to be tight. The bill setting out these obligations must be presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday, July 19, before being examined on July 20 in committee at the National Assembly, then in the hemicycle between July 21 and 23, for final adoption before the end of the month.

“The caregivers will have until September 15 to be vaccinated”, underlined the President of the Republic. Competent for health issues and the labor code, Polynesia is not subject to this deadline. An analysis shared by the haussariat, where the subtle question of the sharing of skills on health policy has come back to the fore with each new Parisian announcement for more than a year. However, this vaccination obligation for caregivers will also apply to fenua. The services of the country’s administration had indeed already launched consultations locally to develop a country’s law in this direction. Even before Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Monday morning. The text can therefore go faster, or slower, than the bill expected at the national level.

The health pass is the state

But the head of state also announced the extension of the health pass. A vaccination obligation to participate in public events or go to cafes, bars, restaurants and shops … An obligation extended to Polynesia? This is where things get complicated. On the side of the bull, competent on issues of movement restrictions and individual freedom, we recognize that the deadlines of hexagonal France for the establishment of such a tool will be difficult to honor at the fenua. In the absence of “Legal details”, difficult to predict the declination of “occasions” and “Terms of use” of this health pass, do we slip into the high commission. “Since we can’t afford the luxury of waiting, we have already started working on it.” Discussions being conducted with the Ministry of Overseas, details on “Applicability” to overseas communities should intervene in the coming days.

Because the health pass deployed in Europe cannot be transposed as it is in Polynesia. Having become European since July 1, the precious sesame includes three “wallets” : a screening part, a vaccination part, and a recovery certification part (in connection with health insurance). If until now French Polynesia did not have access to authenticated vaccination certificates in European format (EU digital COVID certificate), the mechanism of opening a secure gateway between the Imprimerie Nationale Groupe and the Vaxi application of the fenua for the transit of digital signatures is clarified (see box). “We do not have the same degree of maturity as the metropolis on the transposition of the health pass. In French Polynesia, initially, we will have a verification of the vaccination status ”, we remind the high commission. “We have never been so ready on this part”.

Fritch in phase with Macron

The goal, however, remains the same. This is to facilitate health control for travelers vaccinated initially and to access “Certain services or events in Polynesia” in a second time. “What underlies the declarations of the Head of State this morning is to reiterate that vaccination is the only reasonable and lasting solution to get out of the global pandemic”, underlines Polynesia’s bull movement. Asked at the end of the press conference of the Reko Tika delegation on Monday morning, the President of the Country confirms to be in phase with the wishes of the Head of State on vaccination. Édouard Fritch recalling having himself defended to the High Commissioner a “Compulsory vaccination for anyone who moves, as much for those who leave Polynesia to go on vacation, as for those who come from outside”. A subject that he admits to having put “On the table from May”.


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