What vaccinations does a dog need?

For dogs, vaccination usually offers the greatest protection against the most common infections against bacteria and viruses. The following vaccinations for dogs are available:

1. Distemper vaccination

Vaccination against distemper in dogs can be life-saving for the animal because the virus can affect the nerves and brain. Against distemper you should Get puppies vaccinated. Primary immunization takes place at the age of eight, twelve and 16 weeks and at the age of 15 months. After that, one should Refresh every three years respectively.

2. Parvovirus vaccination

Parvovirus mainly affects young dogs and puppies. It is advisable to keep the animals vaccinate young allow. The basic immunization takes place in the Eight weeks old and then at the same interval as for distemper vaccination, also refreshed every three years.

3. Leptospirosis-Impfung

Gives Leptospirosis transferable to humans owners should definitely have their dog vaccinated. Basic immunization also takes place when the Dog eight weeks is old and then at the same intervals as against distemper parvovirus. The vaccination against leptospirosis needs to be refreshed every year.

4. Rabies vaccination

Rabies is a potentially fatal viral infection that also dangerous for people is. No keeper should therefore do without a rabies vaccination for the dog. Who his dog in foreign countries rabies vaccination must be proven. The first rabies vaccination is allowed only from the age of 12 weeks respectively. It is refreshed every two to three years.

5. Vaccination against kennel cough

Kennel cough is one Respiratory diseasethat is triggered by various viruses and bacteria. Vaccination only protects against the most common pathogens and therefore brings no 100 percent security. It is useful if the dog often comes into contact with other people. The double vaccination also takes place at the age of 12 weeks with an interval of three to four weeks. After one year, this must be done again to achieve a basic immunization. Afterwards, the vaccination against kennel cough has to be refreshed every year.

The vaccinations mentioned are the most common for dogs. Depending on the individual risk, others may be considered. The vet advises on this. There are further vaccinations for the dog against Lyme disease, leishmaniasis, fungal diseases and herpes.

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Is there a mandatory vaccination for the dog?

No dog owner is obliged to have his dog vaccinated. There is therefore no compulsory vaccination. However, the Standing Veterinary Vaccination Committee (StIKo Vet) recommends that dogs are always protected against the following infections: leptospirosis, distemper, parvovirus, rabies and hepatitis in dogs. Vaccinations against Lyme disease, leishmaniasis, fungal infections and kennel cough are optional.

What is the cost of vaccination for the dog?

Vaccination costs for dogs can vary. The basic fee is regulated in the fee schedule for veterinarians. However, the choice of vaccine combination, the necessary preliminary examinations and the issue of the vaccination certificate can affect the costs. Price examples for vaccination in dogs are 30 euros for rabies and 40 euros for a seven-fold combination vaccination without rabies.


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