Between the events reserved for the vaccinated only, those open to the unvaccinated tested, the shops accessible only to the vaccinated and those always open to all, in Baden-Württemberg, the multiplication of the rules looked more and more like a vast cacophony in recent days .

The government clarified matters on Tuesday. The Minister-President, the ecologist Winfried Kretschmann announced from Stutggart the generalization, as of this Wednesday, of the so-called 2G + rule, that is to say Geimpft (vaccinated), Genesen (cured) + a test.

“Testing everyone makes sense”

From now on, to access all public events, you will have to prove that you are vaccinated or cured and also present a negative Covid test of less than 48 hours (a PCR or an antigen). This rule will apply to all events: concerts, sporting events, village festivals and of course Christmas markets. A maximum number of visitors is now authorized during these events. It is set at half of the total reception capacity and capped at a maximum of 25,000 spectators. This constraint also concerns football matches. “Insofar as the vaccinated can still spread the virus, testing everyone makes sense,” said the boss of Baden-Württemberg.

Curfew for the unvaccinated

The government also plans to introduce a curfew for the unvaccinated between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. in the districts most affected by this new wave of Covid, as soon as the incidence rate exceeds 500 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants out of seven. slippery days. In these same districts, with the exception of so-called essential stores, the 2G rule applies to stores. To go shopping, you will need to be either vaccinated or cured.

Hospitals ask for reinforcement from the army

Winfried Kretschmann defended his policy of gradually increasing restrictions (rather than drastic and brutal decisions) by insisting that the visible effects of the measures are not felt until several days after their entry into force.

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The situation continues to worsen in Baden-Württemberg where hospitals no longer follow. This Tuesday morning, three clinics in the Ludwigsburg sector officially requested reinforcement from the Bundeswehr, the German army. At Ravensburg hospital, the first soldiers have already arrived on Tuesday. The latest figures available show, as of Monday evening, an incidence rate of 459 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants over seven rolling days and 489 patients hospitalized in intensive care.

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