Vacation and Corona: What do the providers of vacation travel say

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Vacation and Corona – What do the organizers say?

The travel industry was caught by the virus like no other. We asked three medium-sized providers to give us a look behind the scenes.

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At a distance.  The corona virus poses challenges for the travel industry At a distance.  The corona virus poses challenges for the travel industry

At a distance. The corona virus poses challenges for the travel industry

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FFor long-distance travel specialist Geoplan, Managing Director Tobias Büttner replies, press spokeswoman Eva Machill-Linnenberg for Viking Travel (hiking and active holidays), for study travel market leader Studiosus press spokesman Frano Ilic.

WORLD: How many guests did you have from mid-March to today – and how many do you usually have?

Geoplan: We brought our last guest back home on March 27, and since then we haven’t had a single customer on the road. We usually have at least 2000 guests between mid-March and mid-July.

Vikings: Around 1000 guests traveled, usually 26,000 are traveling with us during this period.

a student; Since mid-March, we have had to cancel around 30,000 customers bit by bit – and have paid back all down payments.

WORLD: When did your first vacationers travel after the corona shutdown – and where did they go?

Geoplan: Out of necessity, our long-distance travel specialists have developed trips to Germany. Our next guests will travel to Dresden and Saxon Switzerland in a few days.

Vikings: At the end of May, the first individual holidaymakers hiked or cycled with us in Germany.

a student; We started on July 8th – with a city trip to Vienna.

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WORLD: When do you start long-distance travel?

Geoplan: We start in September. Asia is at the top of the list: Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Japan, Korea.

Vikings: In the long-distance area, Morocco will be considered from mid-September, Costa Rica from late October and Thailand at the end of the year.

a student; We hope that Japan, Vietnam and Cuba will start again this year.

WORLD: When will tourism return to Corona?

Geoplan: In 2021, we will reach 50 to 75 percent of the level of 2019 in international tourism. In 2022, things will certainly go off again and global tourism flows will grow larger than ever.

Vikings: We expect to only reach the 2019 level again in five years.

a student; Coping with this unique crisis will require a lot of perseverance and patience this year, but also in 2021.

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WORLD: Which travel countries will recover the fastest?

Geoplan: At the moment we expect Asian countries to have an advantage – they have a lot of experience in dealing with such crises through Sars and other events.

Vikings: a) Destinations that can be reached safely and without flights or with short flights. b) Countries that have low infection rates and good health standards.

a student; As long as there is no vaccine: countries in which the infection process is permanently under control.

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