Using Word, Excel and PowerPoint add-ins is now easier

Using Word, Excel and PowerPoint add-ins is now easier

Office is the most complete set of applications that we can currently find on the market and with which we can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, manage mail and much more. In the more than 30 years that it has been in the market, many have been the functions that it has introduced in addition to improving those that it already offered.

But, in addition, from time to time it modifies some of the functions they offer, especially the less used ones, so that users start using them. One of these features is called Plugins. The Add-ins function available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint allows us to add additional functions to Office applications, functions that are not available as they are very specific and specific functions that have a very specific niche of users.

The operation of these plugins is the same as the browser extensions, so if we are used to using them, we will not have any problem starting to use them. The latest update of the applications that are part of Office has changed the location of the add-ins function so that it is more accessible for all users to know and start using them.

In recent years, if you wanted to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint add-ins, you had to access the Ribbon. Insert and then click on Add-ons. After the last update, this function becomes available from the main tab of the application Start at the end to the right. Clicking on this option displays the same user interface that was displayed when this option was available via the Insert ribbon.

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Office add-ons

This change in the design of the location of the add-ins function is not only available in the Office applications for Windows, but, in addition, we can also find it in the online version of Office. Unlike the desktop version, however, the online version of Office also allows access to plugins through the File menu. By pressing this option, in addition to showing the same options that are shown in the desktop application, we can also access Office add-ins through the Get Add-ons button.

Office add-ons

Once we have installed the add-ons we want, to use them we just have to click on the Add-ons button so that all the ones we have available are displayed. Next, we must click on the one we want to use so that it is displayed on the right side of the application in a separate window from where we can use it.

Office add-ons

If we have stopped using a plugin, we can remove it through this button, by clicking on Get Add-ins and clicking on my accessories in the floating window that is displayed to select the one we want to delete and with the right mouse button press Remove.

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