Although Galaxy S20 They are not the newest models of the South Korean manufacturer, they are still one of the most recommended options when buying a phone due to its specifications, design and price. However, some months ago reports of serious failures began to appear on the screen that left the phone unusable.

The green screen of death

In May of this year, one of the first public reports appeared on YouTube where a user showed and explained that the screen of his Galaxy S20 Ultra had been filled with green tubs, however, if he turned off the phone and put it to load the screen it turned completely this color.

The biggest drawback is that, unlike the problems with the strip of dead pixels that appeared in other models such as the S8 or S10, in which it was possible to continue using the device; in this case it was reported that it is impossible to continue operating the equipment.

Android Police mentions that the main affected are users of the Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra, who agree that the problem appears out of nowhere, progressively beginning to stain the screen with green inks.

In the official forum of the company, a biter suggested to one of those affected to restart the phone and start in safe mode, however, this did not solve the problem either.

This is not the first time that a team of the S20 series has a problem with the screen, because a few months ago the owners of some Galaxy S20 FE reported ghost touches and problems using the display in a normal way. Samsung recognized the problem and promised to fix it.

Screen problem on Galaxy S20 Ultra

In the case of green screens, the company has not commented on the matter. Unocero contacted Samsung Mexico for a position on the matter.