Used cars more expensive than ever | Tips for searchers

New price record for used cars: Older cars are not only becoming rarer, they are also becoming more expensive. Where the defect comes from and what you should consider when searching.

New cars are in short supply: Because semiconductors and wiring harnesses are missing, expensive high-margin cars are built mainly with the few available electronic components – small cars and cheap family cars, on the other hand, are not a priority. The delivery times of around three months that were common in the past no longer apply. You have to wait a year or more for individual models.

In addition: Due to the tense new car situation, the used car market has long been under pressure. Cars are also rare here – and therefore expensive.

So the prices went up

A new peak was even reached in September: The average price rose to EUR 27,791 – EUR 231 more than in August (+0.8 percent). Compared to September 2021, used cars cost an average of 4,063 euros more (+17 percent). This is shown by the used car price index (AGPI) of Autoscout24, one of the largest used car exchanges on the Internet.

The prices for especially hybrid models rose: by 1.9 percent to an average of 42,978 euros. Gasoline engines rose in price by 1.5 percent to 24,312 euros, electric cars by 1.3 percent to 50,169 euros. Only the diesel prices yielded: Compared to August, they fell slightly by 0.5 percent to an average of 29,541 euros.



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