Use your mobile from your computer or manage files from your different devices with AirDroid Personal


With AirDroid Personal you can transfer files between devices, control Android devices remotely, mirror screens, manage notifications and more, all from your computer.

Those of us who work with different devices, several applications and hundreds of fileswe know that it is not an easy task, since many times we make a mess to find a file or simply, we waste time going from one device to another to exchange information from the different applications we use. There are several tools on the market that could be a solution for this problem, however, not all of them are reliable and some have many limitations in their operationnot to mention the high costs that most of them have.

Like everything in life, there are exceptions and some work better than we imagined, such is the case of AirDroid Personal, an application that we have already tested. this app It allows us to easily access and remotely manage any Android device.all from a Windows or Mac computer without the need for cables and totally free, although to be honest, the premium version offers us a world of tools to be more efficient in life and at work. The first thing to start enjoying these benefits is to download the AirDroid Personal application, otherwise we will tell you all the details throughout this article.

With AirDroid you can transfer files between devices, control Android devices remotely, mirror screens, manage notifications and more, all from your computer.

How can I use my mobile and manage files from the computer with AirDroid Personal?

Download and install the AirDroid Personal app It is very simple, although if you prefer you can also access from the browser, you only need your username and password. Let’s go back to the installation of the application on the computer, after completing the registration, the next step is link our different devices, an easy and fast task, since the interface is very simple and intuitive. To link your devices you have 3 options: the first is the simplest, but for this you would have to have already downloaded the app on your mobile or tablet, and even have logged in, if so, you can search from your computer for these compatible devices and pair them.

The second option is a little longer, but nothing complicated, it took us a few minutes. First you have to access your desktop application and click on “there are no devices connected”, followed by clicking on how to add a mobile device?, here you will find a QR code to scan on your mobile, this will take you to the app to download. After downloading the app and logging into your mobile, you can enjoy your linked device already on your computer and of the different tools that AirDroid Personal offers you. And the last option, it is an online version, with which we can log in to the web from our computer to operate and control everything on our Android mobile.

Add a mobile device

So you can add a mobile device to AirDroid Personal to manage it remotely from your computer.

Once our devices were linked to AirDroid Personal we were able to enjoy many advantages and control everything from our computer, these are some of the main functions: device access and remote control without the need for cables, transfer files from our computer to the mobile and vice versa, receive notifications from the mobile remotely, send and receive messages from different applications (WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger) on the computer, and also calls, manage all kinds of applications, contacts and files. Another very useful function is the locate your mobile remotelythis can be very helpful in case you lose your device, or, make a security copy of your Android device on your computer and also, if necessary, access your device information such as battery level, terminal model, Android version or available storage.

Con AirDroid

With AirDroid Personal you can also link the devices of your friends and family.

But this is not all, if your friends or family have AirDroid Personal, you can also link their devices to share files, send messages or make calls easily from the application on the computer and without having to have your mobile nearby. And as we mentioned at the beginning, if you access the premium version you will be able to transfer files with size up to 1 GB, between your own devices or with your friends’ devices. With the premium version you will also have Unlimited remote data usage when transferring and managing files, when using the remote control function and screen mirroring. In addition, you can access exclusive features: remote camera, one-way audio, make calls through the dial pad on the computer and more. Last but not least, with the premium version you can link up to 3 devices and add up to 10 for a minimum price.

mobile remote control

With the premium version of AirDroid Personal and the AirMirror app you can access the remote control function of the mobile.

One of the star functions of the premium version of AirDroid Personal is that of mobile remote controlwith it you can attend to any family emergency from your work computer immediately, be aware of your clients’ messages without changing devices, and even access your work mobile from your computer whether you’re at home or on vacation, you can also access all the contacts, files and applications on that device from your work computer in case you forgot it at home, you can even take screenshots if required. Now, in order to access this function it is necessary to download the AirMirror application, available totally free on Google Play, after this it is necessary sign in with our AirDroid Personal account. Once you have these simple steps, you will have to access the AirDroid settings on the mobile and, in the “security and remote features” section, activate the corresponding options with the function you want to enjoy, in this way you can view the android device screen in a window on your computerand thus control everything.

With the steps that we carried out previously, we also have access to a very important function, this is that of locate the mobile. Whether you’ve lost your phone at home and can’t remember where you left it, if you think you’ve forgotten it at the gym, or in the worst case, it’s been stolen, thanks to this feature you can locate your mobile in real time and retrieve it. On the other hand, if you have a baby at home and you want to let him take a nap in her crib, while you cook with complete peace of mind, another of the functions of the premium version can be your best ally. It’s about the remote camerasince with this function you can take the computer to the kitchen and access the mobile camera with audio remotely so you can hear or see when your baby wakes up or needs something. And let’s not forget that this function, too can serve as a surveillance camera to place it at the entrance of the house and have the peace of mind that no one will break into the house while we are out of town.

AirDroid premium

AirDroid Personal premium allows you to link up to 3 devices or add up to 10 for one low price.

To be honest, it’s a tool. highly functional that has made our lives easier, especially at a professional level, to transfer files and manage our device in a much more comfortable way. Dare to try the free version of AirDroid Personal, we are sure that soon you’ll want to try the premium version too and stay with her forever.

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