His ex-partner confided that “Lyla needs a father”. The latter still pays a pension.

Owen Wilson and Varunie Vongsvirates have not been together since 2018, after five years of relationship.

AFP / Instagram

Owen Wilson’s ex-sweetheart Varunie Vongsvirates shared a new photo of their daughter Lyla on Instagram on Sunday for her third birthday. According to her, the actor did not attend the party. Worse, he never met his daughter. “Unfortunately, he never had any contact with her,” she told the “Daily Mail” on Monday. “She needs a father,” she added. Still, the actor spends time with his two other children, Robert, 10, and Finn, 7, born from two previous relationships.

According to his former partner, he is “not involved at all” in the life of their little girl, whom he has “never” even met. “He helps us financially, but that’s not what matters to me at all. I wanted him to be a part of Lyla’s life, because every child should know their father if possible. It’s the bond between them that counts. Lyla needs a father. It’s ironic that he continues to get these roles of father figures when he has never met his own daughter. “

Owen Wilson and Varunie Vongsvirates were a couple for five years before separating in 2018. The same year, while the young woman was pregnant, the actor underwent a paternity test which confirmed that he was indeed the father. Lyla’s organic. He then ruled that he wanted “no custody of the child,” as a source told “Us Weekly”. The court forced him to pay child support of 23,000 euros per month, which he did, without maintaining contact with the little girl.

In a previous interview for the “Daily Mail”, Varunie Vongsvirates had already sent a message to her ex: “You should really meet your daughter. She is fantastic! You’re missing something. By the way, she looks like you like two drops of water. “


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