The hurricane season is always approaching in the United States in the second half of summer. Because of the corona pandemic, it will be a special challenge this time.

  • The hurricane * season has started in the USA.
  • A corona hotspot is also affected with Texas.
  • The next danger is already west of the mainland.

Update, 1:04 p.m .: Hurricane “Hanna” is also said to be part of the Border fortifications enforced by President Donald Trump knocked over. A video that circulated on the Internet shows how round parts of a metal fence six meters high tip over one after the other. It is said to be a section between the US state of Texas and the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, like the Mexican newspaper The universal reported. There were doubts about this on the US side.

Hurricane season in the USA: “Hanna” whirled through Texas

First report from July 27th:

Washington / Munich – In the corona pandemic *, a lot is different than usual. The Hurricane season before the American mainland does not backtrack before the crisis. So far, one of the corona hotspots of the already badly hit USA has been particularly affected. Because “Hanna” whirled Texas mighty on.

The hurricane of the lowest level reached one on Saturday Wind speeds* up to 150 kilometers per hour the coast, like the National Hurricane Center of the US-Klimabehörde NOAA announced. Then “Hanna” weakened and became Tropical storm downgraded.


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Hurricane “Hanna” in the USA: Life-threatening flash floods threaten

Damage caused by the storm * was initially only reported from the coastal town of Port Mansfield. The hurricane center continued to warn of heavy rains, however life-threatening flash floods could lead. Another cyclone was in the Pacific, Hurricane “Douglas”, heading towards Hawaii with high wind speeds.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, called for numerous counties Emergency out. The raging corona pandemic is complicating the work of the relief workers in the storm, Abbott said, according to US media. “This challenge is complicated and is compounded when you consider that it sweeps through an area that does most affected area by Covid-19 of the state. ”According to the Johns Hopkins University, around 5,000 people have died in Texas alone as a result of the corona pandemic.

Surfing off Hawaii: Hurricane “Douglas” hits the US islands.

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Hurricane danger in the USA: “Douglas” passes close to Hawaii

Im Pacific Hurricane “Douglas” was heading towards Hawaii at night with a wind speed of almost 150 kilometers per hour. The hurricane center announced that “Douglas” would “Dangerously close” to the largest islands in Hawaii pass by. The storm is expected to weaken. But he would still be the islands almost in hurricane strength happen.

According to a forecast from May, NOAA expected one over the Atlantic this year above average active hurricane season. From June to the end of November up to ten hurricanes the authority had said that up to six very strong cyclones could be expected. There are an average of six hurricanes per year across the Atlantic, three of which are becoming storms of great magnitude.

Given available climate data and the higher water temperature in the Atlantic and the Caribbean At that time the probability of a normal season was only 30 percent, that of a below average even only 10 percent. US President Donald Trump * wrote on Twitter that his government is closely monitoring the storms and is in contact with the affected states. (dpa) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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